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P.S.  If you'd prefer to send a check, money order, use a charge card or take a tax writeoff, you'll have to scroll down this page for more info.

Facebook Page:  Sponsor Henry on Patch Adam's 2011 Russia Clown Tour

Become a Sponsor, The Long Version!

Obviously taking three dozen clowns to Russia for a couple weeks is an expensive proposition.  Patch's 501(c)3 non-profit Gesundheit! Institute is charging $3,700 this year.  This is basically a break even for them.  I'm figuring an additional $1,300 for incidental and unforseen expenses which brings my total to $5,000.  I realize this seems kind of high, but Moscow is the most expensive city on earth, and Saint Petersburg isn't far behind!  I can afford $500 which is why the thermometer shows a goal of $4,500.  As you can see, I've already received $2,094 which leaves about $2,400 to go.

Neil Vonhof and his wife Tracy..............
In order to add a level of transparency my old friend Neil Vonhof has agreed to receive and dispurse these funds.  Neil is also an old friend of Patch's.  We've all played together around Seattle and Rainbow Gatherings.  By having Neil take care of the money, it will free me up to work on my costumes, our musical program, getting my luggage together, and several dozen other details needed to pull off a three week journey halfway around the world!  You can find Neil on Facebook or email him here.

I'm asking you to help sponsor this trip at whatever level you can.  In the table below, just chose the option that best suits you.  There will be a processing fee deducted by PayPal for a couple of the options.  You won't pay the fee, but it will be deducted from your contribution.  I'm hoping that 5 to 10 people will be able to send $300 to $500 and the rest will be covered with smaller donations.  Fundraising will continue until the $4,500 goal is met.  Once it's met I'll let everyone know here on the sponsor page and also on the blog page.

Sponsors will be listed below on this page.  If you want your name listed a certain way (or as Anonymous), be sure to let me know.  When doing this kind of fundraising, It is customary to offer rewards or premiums of some sort.  I do have some photos, paintings and recordings that I can personalize to sweeten the deal.  If you're interested in one of these, just let me know and I'll get you something after I return from Russia.

Questions?  Email us at:  henry@htfiddler.net or neil.vonhof@gmail.com

Sponsoring Method
This Is What You Do
PayPal, Personal Gift
  • PayPal should open in a new window (or tab) so you can still come back here and refer to these instructions!
  • go to www.paypal.com
  • log in or create a new account
  • click the "Send Money" tab
  • To: neil.vonhof@gmail.com (best to copy/paste it in)
  • Amount: enter gift amount
  • right below, click on the "Personal" tab (not "Purchase")
  • make sure the "Gift" button is selected
  • click "Continue"
  • on the next page be sure it shows "Your fee: $0.00"
  • at the bottom, use the Subject and Message boxes to let Neil know this is your Russia contribution and how you'd like your name listed in the List of Sponsors at the bottom of this page
  • click "Send Money"
PayPal, Quickie Donation
Go to the PayPal buttons page
Check or Money Order
Please send us an email letting us know so we can watch for your snail mail and how you'd like your name listed.  Make your check or money order payable to Neil Vonhof.  In the memo or a cover letter write "Russia 2011".  Snail mail to:
Neil Vonhof, 1209 W Kuiaha Road, Haiku, Hawaii 96708
Credit/Debit Card
Go to the PayPal buttons page.  Scroll to the bottom and click on the Credit Card button.  Card processing will be by PayPal, however you don't need to have a PayPal account (I promise)!
Tax Deductible Gift
($100 or more)
Your gift will be sent to Patch's non-profit 501(c)3 Gesundheit! Institute in Urbana, Illinois.  You can contribute by most methods listed above.  Just send me an email with the amount you'd like to contribute.  I'll get back to you ASAP!



List of Sponsors

Many thanks to all of you for your participation in Patch's 2011 Russia Clown Tour!
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Last updated: May 9th, 2012

$1 to $19, Clown Nose Contributor

Paul Sanow

$20 to $49, Funny Bone Bestower

Geralynn Rackowski
Jennifer Sordyl
Susan Bernstein
Tom Estes
A Fellow Wandering Fiddler
Kenneth Gilliland
Tisa Jewell

$50 to $99, Clown Pants Patron

A Fellow Fiddler
Water Singing on the Rocks
Thomas McKnight III
Sandra Sutton Andrews
Oksana Yushko
Jao-Da, Saint Petersburg

$100 to $299, Magnanimous Mover

Hackman, Merchant, Daughtery, Wilson Clan
Laurie and Paul Sherman
Bruce and Laura Rhodes
Monahan Family
Rich in Spirit McKay

$300 to $499, Beneficent Benefactor

$500+, Healthcare Angel


Other Contributions

Neil Vonhof, help with fundraising
Marsha Knueven, help with costume, airport runs, parking my van while gone, etc.
Katya and Seva in Saint Petersburg for endless hosting and hospitality!

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