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Henry is going to Russia with Patch Adams' 2011 International Clown Tour!

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This is the 27th year Patch has taken a group of three dozen clowns from all over the world to Russia on a goodwill, peace keeping mission.  We will visit hospitals, orphanages and nursing homes daily in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  Watch this video from the 2009 tour. .

When?  Henry is flying from Denver to Saint Petersburg (formerly Leningrad) Wednesday, Oct 26th and returning Monday, Nov 21st.  He will spend a week in Saint Petersburg, a week in Moscow and then a second week in Saint Petersburg.

Read about some of the people Henry will be playing with,
how this trip came about, and what we will be doing together.


Dr Patch Adams

Rich in Spirit

Katya Lozhkomoeva

Kate Fritz

Follow Henry's adventures at his Russia blog.

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